High Quality

Facemylook makes it a point of honor in the quality of her products. The products which we use in the design of our accessories are tested and approved in external laboratories. 
The glasses of our solar energy are organic, it polycarbonate hardened, anti-stripe and antireflection.

Did you know? Your eyes are 200 times as sun-sensitive as your skin? Facemylook proposes you guaranteed glasses protection UV 100 % not modifying the perception of your view.


The mark Facemylook is Belgian 100 %. Our products are thought and tested in the Belgian Ardennes. Freedom of expression, diversity and joy of life are the values inherent to Facemylook. They express themselves through collections of solar energy and bracelets trends, avant-gardists, a stalk moved.


Glass Facemylook is produced in Milan, capital of the fashion and the optics. They are designed with natural and quality materials.
So, we are very worried of respecting the international standards in terms of environment, quality and the respect for working rules. That is why, we work only with factories certified by ILO (International Labor Organisation).


Buy in complete safety. Several means of payment offer themselves to you during the order on our web site. Indeed, it is possible to you to validate your payment in a secure way, either by credit card (MasterCard, Visa …), or via PayPal, or still via a simple bank transfer. During the process of your order it will be enough to you to follow the various modalities. We draw your attention to the fact that the payment must be beforehand validated so that we sent the order.


The product which you bought does not suit you and you did not use him, we exchange him to you under conditions. It is enough to send an e-mail to the customer service: support@facemylook.com


When you place an order, and from reception of your payment, products are carefully packed by our team.
We make every effort so that you received your order as soon as possible.