General terms of sale:  

The present terms of sale are concluded on one hand by "Facemylook" whose head office is located route of Bastogne, n°16, 6687 BERTOGNE-Belgium registered to the commercial register of Belgium under the number of company BE05 06 90 12 14 below called "Facemylook".


1 - Object

The present sales’ conditions aim to define contractual relations between “Racemylook” and the Client and the applicable conditions to any purchase made through the “Facemylook” site. Any order make through this site (and whatever the ordering method) implies an unreserved acceptance by the customer of the present conditions of sale. These conditions of sale will prevail over any other general or particular conditions not expressly approved by "Facemylook". "Facemylook" reserves the right to modify its conditions of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force at the date of the order by the buyer. The general conditions of sale are concluded for the necessary duration for the supply of the articles.


 2 - Characteristics of articles

The articles offered are those which appear in the catalog published on the site of  


Availability: "Facemylook" honors the received orders within the limit of available stocks. When there is an unavailability on a product ordered, the Customer is informed (as well as the availability period) by e-mail or on the invoice of the products sent in the case of an order of several articles. "Facemylook" can under no circumstances be held responsible. The average time indicated does not constitute a strict deadline and "Facemylook" can’t be held liable in case of delayed delivery or stock out. These products are for sale within the limit of available stocks. Only the definitive rupture of an article entails the suppression of this one of our offer of sale. "Facemylook" will then remove as soon as possible this article (s) from its catalog. "Facemylook" can’t be held responsible for it and this can’t give a right of pursuit in favor of the Client. In the event of unavailability and stock shortage, the Customer may ask to be refunded or a credit can be established for his benefit for a subsequent order.  


Description: The description of the articles (photographs, information, text, ..) in the catalog are as faithful as possible but can’t ensure a perfect similarity with the product offered, especially with regard to the colors. The replacement or refund of the item (s) and postage will only be possible if there is a substantial error. 


3 - Prices

The prices listed in the catalog are prices inclusive of VAT in euros, excluding shipping costs and taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order; any change in the rate may be reflected in the price of the products. "Facemylook" reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, without notice, provided however that the price indicated on the catalog of the site on the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the buyer. The price is payable in full and in one payment upon order. All orders are invoiced in euros and payable in euros.


4 - Orders

The Client can pass order by:

Internet on the website:

The buyeur who wish pass the order by internet required must :-Create a “Client Account” which he will indicate all the details asked , - to form a  « basket » Online selected all choosed products , - to accept the general terms of sale, - validate an order after, - to do the transfer of money in the rights conditions. “Facemylook” will communicate by electronic mail the confirmation of the registered order.


The confirmation of order draws away the acceptance of present general terms of sale, recognition to have improved it knowledge and the renunciation to boast its own conditions of purchase or other conditions.


All given data and recorded confirmation will be worth proof of transaction. Confirmation will be worth signature and acceptance of performed operations.  So much, to limit risks of fraud, can be led to perform controls relating to the validity of the performed payments. In that case, the client is told by email of the justificatory documents to be forwarded (by mail or by post) to “Facemylook" to allow a final validation of his order.


"Facemylook" reserves the right to accept or to reject order with regard to documents and to their reception in 48 h after their request. Moreover, "Facemylook" reserves the right to suspend or to cancel any order relating to a client with whom there would be a not regulated litigation. Besides, every person who would have had her enclosed count will not be able to recommend on the site without the prior permission of "Facemylook".


 5 - Retractation

The Client benefits from a delay of retraction of 14 days as from the delivery of their order to apply back from the product to the seller for exchange or refund without penalty, except for expenses of returning in the rate in force in the day of expedition. Any request back reached "Facemylook" beyond of this delay of 14 days for whatever reason it is will not be able to be accepted. Les products sold off are excluded from any exchange or return. To employ his right of retraction, the Client must inevitably contact the Customer service to announce him his retraction by mail in or by post at following address:


"Facemylook" – Clients services – route de Bastogne, n°16, 6687 BERTOGNE


The Client will imperatively have to go back in "Facemylook" the ordered articles, to its expenses, within 14 days. Beyond, "Facemylook" reserves the right to refuse them. Les turned articles must be new, not used and in their packing of origin. The article should not have been carried, been dirtied and harmed. If one or some of aforementioned cases had to come, no refund could take place. 


6 - Modalities of payement

The Client has means of payment giving a security maximum.


An order can be regulated by:

- Bank card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express): Les payments will be accomplished by means of systems reassured Paypal, Moneybookers and Ogone. These treatments automated by data have as purpose to struggle against à la carte banking fraud.

It is enough for it that the Client points out in the envisaged zone (seizure reassured by encryption), the number of his card without space between figures, his date of validity, as well as 3 last figures of pictograms in the back of the card.


An irregular statement or an anomaly will be able also to make the object of a specific treatment. So documentary evidence of address and of identity will be able to be asked on some type of order.


If he wants it, the client can also pay his cashless purchases banking, but the delays of treatment of order risk being lengthened, since the dispatch of or from articles will be able to take place only in the reception of the payment.


7 - Charges facture la livraison en fonction de la région mentionnée. Nous ne pouvons vous proposer ce service de livraison gratuite pour les livraisons hors de l'Union Européenne.


8 - Delivery

Deliveries are made at the address pointed out in the order form which can be only in the agreed geographical zone. If required, "Facemylook" can deliver everywhere in the world. The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the co-ordinates of delivery which he recorded on the site. Any inherent expenses in an error of co-ordinates will be in its load.


The Clients are invited to consult rubric Delivery to know modes of expedition, their rates and the linked delays.


"Facemylook" does not deliver post office boxes.


Risks are supported by the purchaser as from the instant when products left the places of "Facemylook". In case of anomaly or of nonconformity, the Client must inevitably, the same day of delivery, forward his claims in the Customer service of "Facemylook" by mail at address "" or by letter at following address:


"Facemylook" – Customer service – road of Bastogne, n°16, 6687 BERTOGNE


Any claim formulated outside this delay will be able to be rejected without possibility of appeal for the Client. The absence of claim or the spare non-programme on behalf of the Client means that the delivered articles are considered satisfactory and will be able to make the object of no subsequent protest.


Finally, delivery time is given only for information only. If these show thirty days as from order, the bill of sale will be able to be cancelled and the reimbursed purchaser.

In case the Client does not receive his order for the delays pointed out, he can contact the Customer service which will determine the reason of delay and announce him it. If necessary, "Facemylook" will open an inquiry into the transportation of the product to the concerned conveyor.


It is the conveyor who fixes the length of the inquiry. The opening of this inquiry takes place in finely worked 24 hours according to transmission by the Client in "Facemylook" of the information of the not reception of its order as well as documents possibly necessary at the opening of this inquiry for which "Facemylook" can ask the Client. If during the delay of inquiry, the package is found, it will be normally delivered to the Client.


If the package is not found at the end of the inquiry and only on this condition, "Facemylook" sends articles in return for to its expenses if they are available, or reimburse the Client or establish him a credit on a subsequent order of a sum equivalent to that of lost order.


It is to note that under no circumstances "Facemylook" will undertake exchange or refund of articles before the expiry of the deadline of inquiry and the Client will not be able to turn round under this motive against "Facemylook".


In case of not delivery of an order or of a part of order, the Client disposes maximum of a delay of thirty (30) days as from date pointed out for the delivery of Order to inform of it the Customer service. When the allotted time expires, no more claim on behalf of the Client will be receivable, that is to say any request of exchange, of refund or of credit will be rejected.


9 - Security 

All products given by the seller are new and benefit from envisaged lawful guarantee. This guarantee does not cover products harmed further to an accident of use of the Client. If it happened that an article is not correspondent, we promise to replace it to you or to reimburse it. All claims, requests of exchange or of refund have to be made by mail way at following address: "Facemylook" – Customer service – road of Bastogne, n°16, 6687 BERTOGNE, Belgium or by mail at address "" within thirty days according to the delivery.


"Facemylook" will not be able to be kept responsible for the not respect for the regulation and legislative dispositions in force in the country of reception, the responsibility of "Facemylook" being systematically limited to the value of the implicated product, value in the date of sale.


10 - Responsabilities

"Facemylook", in the process of online sale, is kept only by an obligation of means. Its responsibility will not be able to be hired for a damage resulting from the use of Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, break of service, or other involuntary problems.


"Facemylook" will not be kept representative for any delay or problem of execution of the obligations (delivery) when it is due to a case of force majeure or to independent events of the will returning impossible delivery, such as the natural disasters, bad time, fire, explosions, inundations, problems with the third parts (suppliers, conveyor, Internet services, etc.), strikes, accidents, wars, riots, in case of impossibility of supplying the country of delivery.


"Facemylook" will not be able to be kept representative for damage so material as insubstantial who could result from a bad functioning or from a bad use of products commercialised except in case of responsibility of "Facemylook", knowing that this one is limited to do and to serious error. The same goes for possible modifications of products operated by the producers.


In any case, "Facemylook" will see the limited liability in the sum of order and could not be implicated for simple errors or omissions which would have been able to remain in spite of all precautions taken in the presentation of products.


11 -Intellectual Property

 All elements (as an example, pictures, writings, dialogues, photographs, musics, sounds and videos, drawings, documents, faces, logos and other equipments, under all their forms, including menus, Internet pages, style of drawing, screens, colours, instruments, characters and design of the Internet site, lay-out, diagrammes, methods, functions, process and software who is part of the Site) of the Internet site are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of "Facemylook". Nobody is authorised to reproduce, to exploit, to repeat, or use whatever title it is, even partly, elements of the site as they are software, texts or persons with a strong visual sense. Any simple link or by hypertext is strictly forbidden without a written agreement express of "Facemylook".


"Facemylook" has the right to oppose to the activation of direct links towards the Site or to put an end to the same activation when the applicant, who wants to speed a link up towards the Site, adopted in the past or adopts trade practices faithless or not correspondent to the manners of the sector or of the faithless actions of competition regarding "Facemylook" or his suppliers or actions discrediting "Facemylook". In any case, the activation of links deep hypertexts (of type deep frames or deep links) towards the Site or the use not allowed by metatags, is forbidden without prior and written consent of "Facemylook".


12 - Contractual information - Archiving  

Information relating to order (ordered articles, method of payment, and address of delivery) will make the object of a confirmation by e-mail. "Facemylook" invites his clients to prove this information and to keep them. Besides, "Facemylook" will archive the good of orders and bills on a reliable and lasting support constituting a copy and a faithful proof. The computerised registers of "Facemylook" will be considered by parts to be proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions intervened between parts.


13 – Personnal Information

"Facemylook" promises to be sure that the confidentiality of personal data transmitted by the Client is respected and uses these personal data only in a legal setting.


When the Client places order on the Site, "Facemylook" gathers following personal data: name, address and address e-mail of the Client.


"Facemylook" uses the personal data of the Client for the purposes of:


- treat, deliver and manage the payment of its order: it is necessary to collect information with the aim of remote sale, this information being necessary to the treatment and to the transportation of orders as well as to the establishment of bills. If the Client does not announce his personal data, order legitimately did not pass;

- the better include the market, the needs in terms of products and of services, the better manage offer by undertaking the analysis and the data processing in his possession (for example statistical studies of the visits of the site to improve contents, services and the given products);

- send information relating to his products or promotions to the Client;

- possibly contact the Client if a problem had to happen with its order.


If the Client wants to change his personal data or if he does not like to receive any more from information of "Facemylook", he can go about things by writing to "Facemylook" at address there email or by courier at following address.

"Facemylook" – Customer service – road of Bastogne, n°16, 6687 BERTOGNE

"Facemylook" will take the necessary measures of modification or of abolition of the data of the Client of the database.


"Facemylook" is and will stay alone possessing data collected on its Site and will sell, nor will rent, neither will announce these data to a third not having direct link in the activity of "Facemylook".


 14 - Archiving – Proof

"Facemylook" will archive the good of orders and bills on a reliable and lasting support constituting a faithful copy. Les computerised registers of "Facemylook" will be considered by parts as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions intervened between parts.


15 - Litiges

The Site, its contents, and any relation between a Client and "Facemylook" are exclusively subjected to the right Belgian. 


In case of litigation, the Client will contact predominantly to "Facemylook" to clear an amicable solution. In extremis, Courts and Courts of Belgium are alone competent, whatever is the place of delivery.